Jasiri is a relentless explorer of embodied self. She’s an excellent writer of forgotten truths. She is beautiful in both movement and thought.

–Rebecca Watson (Yoga Instructor)



Jasiri created this class to answer the question – what is needed most right now in our current reality? This 10-minute Centering and Gratitude practice is a brief and accessible practice where you take time to be with yourself intentionally to include a moment of stillness, self check-in and offering yourself loving touch and connection. It’s always necessary to connect with yourself so that (you) choose choices for yourself and your life, that’s essential to sustaining high vibration living. Others benefit from our practice also when they’re in the experience of you being authentically present.


Are you aware that the body communicates?!

Learn how to listen and adequately respond to your body’s communication. Your body is the carrier of information and is in constant communication with you to support you in either releasing or augmenting something in order to enhance the quality of the life you are. Sessions include the following:

Offering gratitude

Planting (intentions into the body/body part) to elicit desired outcomes.

Sensing sensations

Placing palm/s on affected area/s to both inquire and listen for instructions on how to mitigate on the body’s behalf for quality functioning.

Learn how to use your hands to communicate gentleness and assurance towards your body/body parts in order to feel into your body’s communication, maximize physical sensitivity and apply direct intentional healing through focused breathing and touch communication.