Jasiri is deeply rooted in the truth of her own being, that to be in her presence, I feel safe to be human. Her eyes compassionately witness the truth of my being beyond my own judgments and shame. In Jasiri’s presence, shadow parts of me have come out of hiding into safety and the remembrance of unconditional love.

–Marjani Love (Singer/Songwriter)


$10 | $11 | $13 single class

$35 three classes

$50 unlimited week

$60 unlimited week + 15 minutes private session (discussion or practice-your choice)


Learning the mechanics of breathing, how to utilize it to breathe expansively towards the four directions (gross and refined). Exploring various forms of pranayama, or breath regulation practices to ultimately learn how to regulate the breath for establishing and sustaining expansive breathing, intentional breathing, enhanced quality and subsequent function of the parasympathetic nervous system that restores your connection to feeling centered, present, whole and creative.

TUESDAYS 6PM - 1 hour $11


Exploring foundation poses and movement that strengthens and supports core, pelvic and spinal integrity. Get a dose of anatomy with each practice to learn how it all connects! Each practice incorporates centering and concludes with stillness.

WEDNESDAYS 6:30PM - 1 hour 15 min $13


Intentional movement, focusing on creating space and length throughout the body-mind, with emphasis on moments of intentional stillness and conscious breathing. We will explore the dance between doing and being. Each practice incorporates centering and concludes with stillness.

THURSDAYS 6PM - 1 hour 15 min $13


High impact, yet accessible movement to loosen up, energize and center your focus into the body, followed by an inward journey to the heart of the Self. Taking time to connect to your inner environment to be with all that is, as it is. Have a journal and writing instrument to record anything that stood out for you.

SATURDAYS 10:30AM - 1 hour $11

Movement Mala

Movement Mala is a practice inspired by the repetitive nature of using a mala. During this practice, you will move your body in an ordered sequence, to include 3 up to 12 postures, with several pauses inserted for stillness. The intention is that the practitioner finds a steady rhythm they can connect with from within and express that outwardly, landing inside their body with every posture to embody simple presence. 

WEDNESDAYS 12:10PM - 50 minutes $10

SIT (stillness in time)

Inward journey, taking time to connect to the already present and available profound stillness, also known as existence. Learning how to connect with this profound stillness to reset your inner compass, reset your body battery, and learn the truth of the moment for your life by listening with your whole being.

TUESDAYS 7PM - 50 minutes $10


A practice to prime the body for opening to the subtle energies within and around the physical body.

Each session includes the following layers:

Brief talk about subtle energy: what it is, how to access it and why it’s vital to experience it.

Sensing (how you are as you are).

Energy clearing with sound & corresponding movement.

Intentional connection with the 5 natural elements through movement and pranayama.

Sitting or reclining with presence (awareness).

SATURDAYS 7AM - 1 hour 15 min $13

Creation Story

A talk and practice on listening for the body’s inherent instructions on how, when and where to move as a form of listening and translating your body’s communication. Each session supports you with transitioning from your head space and into your body to refine your feeling capacity, either to release tension, blockages, stiffness or to awaken a faint pulse. Explore, discover and enhance your personal movement signature!!

MONDAYS 6:00PM - 1 hour $11