Jasiri is deeply rooted in the truth of her own being, that to be in her presence, I feel safe to be human. Her eyes compassionately witness the truth of my being beyond my own judgments and shame. In Jasiri’s presence, shadow parts of me have come out of hiding into safety and the remembrance of unconditional love.

–Marjani Love (Singer/Songwriter)


$15 | $17 | $19 single class

$45 three classes

$70 unlimited week

$80 unlimited week + 15 minutes private session (discussion or practice-your choice)

$250 unlimited monthly 



Single Session (1 hour @ $25)

Five Sessions (5 hours @ $100)


One Session (1 hour @ $125) 

Three Sessions (3 hours @ $360)

Five Sessions (5 hours @ $550)

Ten Sessions (10 hours @ $1,050)

The Breath & The Pen

We begin with 5 minutes of free-write practice, writing whatever comes with no pause, restrictions or focus on correct grammar. We move into breath regulation to truly land into our bodies, then we’ll conclude with writing for an additional 10 minutes given a writing prompt. 

TUESDAYS 3PM (PDT) |6PM (EDT) - 50 minutes $15


Exploring foundation postures and movement that strengthens and supports core, pelvic and spinal integrity. Get a dose of anatomy with each practice to learn how it all connects! Develop body awareness necessary for all other daily general movements such as standing, walking, extending and perhaps squatting. Each practice incorporates centering and concludes with stillness.

WEDNESDAYS 3PM (PDT) | 6PM (EDT) - 1 hour 15 min $19

Somatic Flow

We begin with vigorous shaking of the body, leading to several rounds of surya namaskar (sun salutations) to warm up the body and synch the breath -moving foundationally then building our way to a flow form, followed by repetitive movement patterns with a focus on either the spinal column or hips, and conclude with long holds in the specified posture.   

THURSDAYS 3PM (PDT) | 6PM (EDT) - 1 hour $17

Embodied Movement

A talk and practice on listening for the body’s inherent instructions on how, when and where to move as a form of listening and translating your body’s communication. Each session supports you with transitioning from your head space and into your body to refine your feeling capacity, either to release tension, blockages, stiffness or to awaken a faint pulse. Explore, discover and enhance your personal movement signature!!

MONDAYS 3PM (PDT) | 6PM (EDT) - 1 hour $17