Monthly Satsang

Satsang is a gathering to discuss truth with a teacher. During our time together, the teacher will offer a word on a particular subject or life scenarios that we’ll collectively build on through authentic dialogue. This is a process by which participants can dig deeper into areas of their lives they ultimately seek to liberate or explore more profoundly. This space also seeks to encourage self study and community building. 
Here’s what one student wanted to share with me about our time together following kundalini practice and satsang:
“Also, initially I felt to keep this to myself, but as I mentioned and what I firmly believe in Is that sharing is healing too. I just want to let it be known that during our Collective Kundalini Awakening, at some point, I reached a moment of being in a trance-like state that eventually went into a moment of pure silence and stillness, and I was no longer in that room. With the noise of deep inhale and  exhale, I suddenly realized I no longer heard the sound. I also want to share with you that I had a few orgasmic sensations from the nape of my neck to the top of my head even my ears had an intense heat. My eyelids were heavy upon opening them and when I did, each and every time, saw this jade like green emit from you. That was definitely your aura. I even rubbed my eyes. I felt naked in the most beautiful natural way, as nature intended. This was such a liberating experience. We all realized the Inner Guide/Goddess within all of we, and recognized that.”
Seed 1: Unbinding From Conflict (Sept)
Seed 2: Belonging (Oct)
Seed 3: Rest (Nov)
Seed 4: Stillness (Jan 13)
Seed 5: Loneliness (Feb 10)
Seed 6: Coherence (Mar 10)
Where: Online via Zoom (Recorded)
When: Wednesday January 13 | February 10 | March 10 @ 5PM