Private Sessions

Foundation (hatha) Practice | Exploring foundation postures and movement that strengthens and supports core, pelvic and spinal integrity. Get a dose of anatomy with each practice to learn how it all connects! Develop body awareness necessary for all other daily general movements such as standing, walking, extending and perhaps squatting. Each practice incorporates centering and concludes with stillness.
Authentic Movement | A talk and practice on listening within for the body’s inherent instructions on how, when and where to move as a form of releasing blockages to discover and enhance your personal movement signature.
Kundalini Portal | A practice to prime the body for opening to the subtle energies within and around the physical body. Each session includes the following layers: a brief talk about subtle energy -what it is, how to access it and why it’s vital to experience it. Learning to enhance your sense perception to access reality or possibility outside of what you’ve become accustomed to. Clearing energy with sound & movement. Intentional connection with the 4 natural elements through movement and pranayama. Sitting with presence.
Pranayama Breathing Portal | Learning the physiological mechanics of breathing. Breathing expansively towards 6 points (gross and refined). Experimenting with sustaining select postures to practice a particular breathing pattern. Includes body & mind purification transmitted through particular breathing techniques. Ultimately learning how to regulate the breath for establishing and sustaining expansive breathing to support enhanced quality of life in the mind and body. 
Sit with Stillness (meditation) | Inward journey -taking time to connect to the already present and available profound stillness, also known as existence. Learning how to connect with this profound stillness to reset your inner compass, reset your body battery, and learn the truth of the moment for your life by listening with your whole being. Guided fully or partially, depending on client’s intention. 

Virtual Private

In-Person Private