Online Coaching

Invest in Self and commit yourself to exploring YOU! Reserve an hour with me for transformational coaching and practice.

I live from the premise that life happens through my creating it. Nothing is happening to me. Rather life is happening through me. That said, booking a session with me means that you’re ready to begin experiencing the possibility of being embodied in your highest vision of self.

My online coaching is a single personalized session or series to work one-on-one with you no matter where you are in your living practice., or in the world for that matter. Coaching with me will look and feel like me supporting you in unearthing the deepest, most lodged aspects of yourself within a safe container, and begin or continue your personal journey of returning to your essential nature.

I offer support in:

    • Expanding Self Perception
    • Embodied Stillness
    • Embodied Movement (expression)
    • Exposing and Expressing The Naked Voice
    • Dissolving shame and guilt
    • Healthy Living Practices
    • LifeStyle Engineering

Your initial step towards progress is deciding to commit towards your ask. Find time, schedule with me, and make it happen. Commitment is everything. It’s my joy to meet with you as you unfold into more of who you already are. Wherever you are in the world, let’s match our YES and create a new reality together!