Jasiri Nkalati

“The core of life and living is rooted in our capacity to connect so intently, so profoundly with ourselves first, that we are able to be unconditionally present with others.“

—Jasiri Nkalati 

Jasiri Nkalati is a self study and self intimacy teacher who supports women in restoring their connection to their essential nature. She creates through movement, voice and writing to design and facilitate courses exploring self study and self intimacy, supporting them in assessing, formulating and enhancing their living practice relative to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual presence. She is a certified holistic health coach who utilizes the combination of self-inquiry and somatic-centered processes to support authentic unfolding. She’s also a certified yoga instructor guiding practices to include asana (posture) yoga, pranayama (breathing facilitation) and meditation (sitting with stillness).