Jasiri Nkalati

“The core of life and living is rooted in our capacity to connect so intently, so profoundly with ourselves first, that we are able to be unconditionally present with others.“

—Jasiri Nkalati 

Jasiri Nkalati is a teacher, dancer, writer of sacred transmission, Shaman of the heart, Body Priestess, Integrative Wellness Coach, and practitioner of yoga and mindfulness. Five years ago, she was given the name Jasiri (Fearless) Nkalati (deeply rooted) upon graduating from a rites of passage process with The Healing Lodge. Her name is applied medicine -a reminder to walk intentionally in her power and purpose -wholeling.

Eight years ago, she initiated an active asana yoga practice as a way to self-soothe and peel away layers once used to distract from honoring a more authentic presence. While spending time on the mat, one of many “aha!” moments surfaced and became the echoing voice for how and why she practices yoga:

“Yoga is not in the asanas (postures), but in the breaths between the asanas. When we inhale and exhale deeply, we are sustaining life with our breath. We create the very essence of opening and allowing. And when we are open and allowing, we are practicing mindfulness. By sustaining the breath we are able to remember to be gentle with ourselves and to be ever so tender with the actions that follow the breath.”

After realizing that one can access self-directed healing through the practice of yoga, Jasiri was trained and certified in hatha & vinyasa yoga in 2013 under the guidance of international yoga instructor, Faith Hunter. She continued her studies with an exceptionally embodied being and yoga instructor,  Tano Mazi, gleaning the practices of being or presence. During six years of active learning and teaching, her scope of practice expanded to include yin and restorative yoga. To date, she has six years of teaching private, studio and corporate classes including Dupont Circle Yoga DC, NASA Goddard (MD), Kaiser Permanente (VA) and Willkie Farr & Gallager (DC).  

She graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (NY) in 2012 and received a certificate for Holistic Health Coaching. She develops and guides wellness services for and with women both nationally and internationally. Her services include transformational wellness coaching, intentional yoga practices & workshops, self-study courses, self-intimacy courses, and therapeutic movement sanctuaries.

After tremendous, life-altering events, she traveled to India and Borneo, East Malaysia to begin living in a new, more intentional way. Rather than continuing with routines that no longer inspired or nurtured her heart at its fullest capacity, she moved towards the unfamiliar and spent all of her time, energy and attention embodying unconditional presence.

The heartbeat of her offerings is ultimately about connection. Rooted in every service offered here, is the practice of belonging to oneself firstly. 

Jasiri Nkalati India

Quick Glance <> Get to Know Me

• Mother to Zen

• Shaman of The Heart

• StarSeed and Skywalker (Sage)

• Earth keeper, keeper of the garden, the shaman/healer who, through reverence for all life, heals and sanctifies the Earth, preserves the harmonic relationship with nature by connecting to the wisdom held in matter (The Great Mother)

• Creates delicious, vibrant, and blissful meals with whole ingredients

• Spends considerable time within stillness to continue refining inner sight, hearing and feeling

• Sources my power and strength through authentic movement and deep stillness

• Transcribes sacred transmissions from an anchored and eternal source

• Global traveler who’s journeyed to 14 countries and over 10 islands around the globe

• Traveled to India alone on a self-study journey to learn intentional living and intentional presence


• Certified Thai Massage practitioner

• Certified 200 hr Yoga Instructor

• Certified Holistic Wellness Coach with Institute of Integrative Nutrition

• BA in Speech & Language Pathology