1) What are the services provided? 
Services include:
    • speaking engagements rooted in self-study and self-intimacy practices
    • writing and discussion session/s for individual and/or groups generally on the topic of self-study
    • asana (posture) practice – hatha, vinyasa, restorative
    • learning to breathe correctly
    • pranayama (breath regulation) practices
    • therapeutic movement & vocalizing 
    • meditation (Sit) i.e. with stillness or guided 
2) Why is there a class on learning how to breathe correctly? 
    • Breathing is the very first thing an animal does upon being born. It’s the very act that sustains life on this planet. For various reasons, after some time and depending on circumstances, the breathing pattern and/or expression is compromised and directly impacts one’s overall health -from sitting, to standing, to walking, to climbing (stairs), to resting and digesting, to thinking critically, to experiencing an equanimous inner-environment, to one’s capacity to efficiently relate towards themselves and others, and ultimately supporting the body’s foundational functions in the most efficient capacity.

3) Do I need to have prior experience in order to engage your services? 

    • Simple answer: No. No. And no. 
4) Who are the populations you service? 
    • The services are designed to meet the needs of individual one-on-one clients, small to large private family/friends groups, small to large private corporate groups and non-private group classes and/or sessions. That said, I do not specialize in movement practices tailored towards populations with severe structural impairments where the use of a walker, cane or wheelchair is needed. 
5) What constitutes a small private group? 
    • Small private group consists of 2 to 10 persons.
6) What constitutes a large private group? 
    • Large private group consists of 11 or more persons. 
7) How do the class passes work (for livestream classes/sessions)?
    • A single class pass typically lasts for 2 weeks from the start of the purchase date and expires by the end of the two week period. Classes must be scheduled within the allotted time before your pass expires. The expiration for passes are highlighted on your receipt. 
8) How are refunds managed? 
    • If after you’ve signed up for a livestream class, and you don’t show up to class, then a refund is not allowed. If after you’ve signed up for livestream classes, and you’ve submitted an email to info@askjasiri.com 24 hours prior to the start of class time that you will not be able to make the class, then you will be allowed to reschedule. No refunds will be issued out. 
9) How are payments processed for private and/or corporate groups?
    • An invoice is submitted to the point of contact, noting the price point along with a small processing fee. A deposit will be due for securing my time prior to the date of service. Upon completion of the service, the remaining balance will be due on the same day the service is rendered.