Unfolding. Truth In Every Moment. -jasiri n.

I am called Jasiri Nkalati and I’m passionate about supporting women towards restoring essential self connection. I believe the most relevant body of work to be aware of and to know in this world, is that of the individual self. As a certified health coach and yoga instructor, I educate on the subjects of self study and self intimacy by way of self integrative inquiry, writing for healing, embodied movement, asana yoga, meditation, and generative breathing practices. Living from the premise “I create my life“, I support others to transmute suffering and re-member themselves in ways that augment their intentionality and presence in the world.  

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"Jasiri supports her clients and students on multiple dimensions of healing. She has experience in the material realm of food and nutrition, movement and physical practice, and can work with clients directly through the tangible needs of the body. She holds space for emotional processing and listens to her client's unheard stories with a depth few people can access. She responds to sexual trauma by reflecting the innate capacity of each person to define his or her authentic erotic life individually and from within, and integrate the creative abundance of this energy into all dimensions of life. She offers the contained space needed for clients to build strength in boundaries and move toward greater personal power, and she allows the silence necessary for those in her presence to hear the voice of their own hearts. She works with language and supports clients in both hearing and speaking their truth, and in finding their authentic voice. She works intuitively and energetically, often accessing energy or emotion that has been previously unavailable to her clients' conscious awareness. She can support an expanded spiritual life and help dedicated seekers access their most abundant and compassionate consciousness. Jasiri holds each person she works with deep reverence, she is a trustworthy guide and healer. In my experience as a counselor, massage therapist, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur, Jasiri stands out as one of the most talented healers and resilient beings I have met. I know anyone who works with her will be impacted in a beautiful and lasting way."

Maryl Baldridge, Somatic Experience & Massage Therapist Tweet

"Jasiri sends ripples of hope into the world. Though I only worked with her briefly, she sent me on a journey to greater emotional and physical health. I secretly suspect she’s an angel."

Alex Slater, Founding Partner Clyde Group Tweet

"There are some spirits on this plane that are meant to activate you and this is just one of Jasiri's purposes in my life. Whenever I am blessed with the opportunity to practice with her, there is an immediate lightness in my body. Her skillful approach to yoga, the body, and pranayama are wonderfully adept and precise. Taking any form of yoga with Jasiri is always a full body, mind and soul pleasure."

Zoha Harpe, Artist & Entrepreneur Tweet

"Jasiri is a relentless explorer of embodied self. She's an excellent writer of forgotten truths. She is beautiful in both movement and thought."

Rebecca Watson, Yoga Instructor Tweet

"Jasiri is deeply rooted in the truth of her own being, that to be in her presence, I feel safe to be human. Her eyes compassionately witness the truth of my being beyond my own judgments and shame. In Jasiri's presence, shadow parts of me have come out of hiding into safety and the remembrance of unconditional love."

Marjani Love, Singer & Songwriter Tweet

"Being a yoga teacher myself, and having studied under many different teachers, it is an honor and a privilege to have practiced alongside and been taught by Jasiri. Her knowledge of the physical body and its movement is unquestionable, and is only the beginning to the depth of knowledge of the more subtle aspects of yoga practice. Her energy is hypnotic, and her individual way of weaving it into every aspect of yoga, from the physical poses through to meditation is an absolute delight to experience. My life is better for having Jasiri in it, and for the knowledge she has shared with me."

Simon Hegarty, Yoga Instructor Tweet

"My first session with Jasiri was focused around my childhood, and as we went through our 30 minute session, I not only became aware of my human self, but I had a moment of realizing who I truly am. It was an out of body experience that allowed me to see my soul and understand the power of my tongue, my thoughts and my actions. I was able to change old beliefs and create new ones. Jasiri is a being of nature and speaking with her is like gaining knowledge from Mother Earth."

Ebony Lambert, Yoga Instructor & Entrepreneur Tweet