I am Jasiri Nkalati.

Jasiri Nkalati Transparent

Welcome to this online sanctuary where we support your personal expansion through regenerative breathing and movement practices, self-study and self-intimacy practices.

unfolding. Truth in Every Moment. -Jasiri N.

I am Jasiri Nkalati. I support womb holders in restoring connection with their origin. I teach, write and speak on matters of self-realization. As a teacher, my objective is to guide others through the process of unfolding and existing in the truth of each moment as they are. My services include courses and processes exploring self study and self intimacy for womb holders all around the globe. I support them in knowing for and through themselves how to assess, formulate and enhance their living practice relative to their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual presence. My certifications include holistic health coaching and yoga instruction guiding practices involving asana (posture) yoga, pranayama (breathing facilitation) and meditation.

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There are some spirits on this plane that are meant to activate you and this is just one of Jasiri’s purposes in my life. Whenever I am blessed with the opportunity to practice with her, there is an immediate lightness in my body. Her skillful approach to yoga, the body, and pranayama are wonderfully adept and precise. Taking any form of yoga with Jasiri is always a full body, mind and soul pleasure.

–Zoha Harpe (Healer/Artist)

Study the holy texts. It is you. always you. - Jasiri N.

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